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All programs offered in loving memory of my Dad: Joseph L Bradley Sr.

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Right now I have only one program to offer for download. It is a program I wrote in 1999. The program is called "Multiplication Flashcards" and it is free for the homeschool community. This is a very simple program. It is designed to allow children that are learning their multiplication tables to drill in each of the respective tables using a fun "flashcard" like interface. I first offered this program on a couple of homeschool discussion boards and the response was overwhelming. I sent it out to over 250 homeschool families as well as a few private schools. Originally I sent it out as an e-mail attachment. This as you can imagine that was a time consuming task. I found myself checking my e-mail at least 4 times a day, sending out the program and answering questions. As a result I decided to add the download page to allow everyone interested in my program and future programs a method that is convenient for them to access. Also I would go back to the discussion boards where I offered the program and would find some people were skeptical of receiving software from an unknown source, being cautious of receiving viruses. Here I hope to alleviate some of those fears with the website so you can meet me and my wife.

To download the free "Multiplication Flashcard" program click here.