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The following are just a few of our favorite Internet links...

ZD Net is an excellent site to get the latest computer information as well as Internet news.

Dog Play
,Cyber Pet,and Travel Dog are good sites for dog lovers.

The Southern States Rottweiler Rescue is an organization with a noble cause.

We are novice birdwatchers, here is a nice site about birds.

Meet Ron and Nancy Johnson our new Internet friends at the TreeTops.

Want to see a site that will keep kids and adults busy and amazed for hours? Go here to play with the Painter.

Here's a neat page by the EPA that has information on recycling and a game and activities for kids.

You can also go to the Internet Guide for Recycling.

Discover what Ascii Art is and view some very creative works.

Tired of the inadequacies of our government? Then e-mail your State Representative.

TrailWorks, Great Outdoor Recreation Pages and soon Hiker's Web are great places to find information on outdoor activities.

Visit our hometown of Fayetteville as well as Fayette County Georgia.

The following is a short listing of a few of the HomeSchool links we have come across, if you know of others that you think would be helpful please e-mail them to us and we'll add them here.

Homeschool World
Home School Zone
Web Schooling

HomeSchool Dad